When I was in Mexico last November celebrating my “milestone birthday”, the resort had these incredible sand-filled vases.  They were huge!  I’d say close to 3 feet tall.  They had a beautiful layering of sand in purples and tans.  I loved them and I wanted one.  So I made one today.

I found a fun thin oval shaped vase at the thrift store a few weeks ago and bought some sand in my living room colors. And then I let it sit, cluttering up my dining room table.  I was so scared to start this project.  ‘Cuz you can’t undo sand art!  Once you pour the second color on top of the first color…you’re committed.

But I needed a post for today 😉  so I went ahead and did it!  I poured the first color, loved it!  Loved how the vase had a natural curve at the bottom, loved how the sand evened out when I gently shook the vase.  Then I took a deep breath and poured the second color.  Not bad, I wanted some black, but not much so I got a nice thin layer then added my red.  How to know how much to pour in??  I poured some and then a little more.  The black line got a little thinner…that’s okay, isn’t it?

As I added layer after layer I worried about running out of a particular color of sand, worried that I would pour too much, or not enough.  I stepped back to look at it a thousand times.  And I kept pouring.

I was right to be scared of this project. It only took a few minutes to actually do it, but it was tough.  It had all my perfectionist tendencies screaming!  Every ounce of my controlling personality was stuffed in a bottle as the sand poured out and filled in nooks and niches with little I could do about it.

But, phew, it is done.  I’m not sure I’m 100% in love with it.  At some point in the future I may just shake it to death and see what happens when the sand mixes just a bit…or a whole lot!  But, it’s done and sitting on my shelf, no longer cluttering up my dining room table.  And it fits my new mantra…Done is better than perfect.

Until next time…


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