Erica was looking for a new messenger bag since the cute one she made out of an old pair of jeans was broken (and maybe a little to young for a 7th grader, lol!)

I thought about sewing one, or trying to find a plain one that she could decorate. The problem was all the bags I saw were too big or not plain enough and I also had to be honest with myself…I wasn’t going to sew one.

Then one night…smack in the middle of it…I woke up and thought about making one out of duct tape.  I saw the whole thing in my head and just knew we could make it. I pitched the idea to Erica, crossing my fingers that she’d think it would be cool. And…here she is with her new messenger bag.

I think it turned out pretty cool. Does it inspire you to make something out of duct tape?

Until next time…