I’m excited to share a guest post from my sister today.  She is busy into building her digital design business (which you can read about here) but took some time out to share this project with us.  Thanks, Bonnie!


The craft bug bit me over the weekend and I was actually able to complete a few projects…I have not done any type of craft project in probably a year so this is big for me:)  Also, I am brand new to Mod Podge, but I can totally see why so many people are addicted to this stuff.  Could crafting get any easier???

The project, a boring ‘ol wooden recipe box.

I measured my paper by putting the recipe box on it and drawing a line.

Mod Podge all of your paper to the box…the corners were a little tricky because mine has rounded edges not square edges.  All I did was cut a couple of slits to make the corner lay down somewhat flat.  After you are done with that add a little embelishment of some sort.

I made a paper flower….one of the papers I have has the leaves already printed on it, so I cut out a few leaves and then used my Cricut to cut flowers.  I made 4 (but now I’m thinking it should have been 3 or 5 odd numbers are more visually friendly), the biggest one is 2 3/4″ and they got 1/4″ smaller as I stacked them so the center flower is only 2″.   I actually Mod Podged all of the flowers and leaves (and let them dry) before I assembled them.  I wasn’t sure how that would work, but I think they look pretty cool.

Pretty easy…Now I just need turn this mess of recipe cards into something pretty.


That looked fun and easy, don’t you just love the “trace and cut” method.  Some might insist on measuring precisely, but I say “good enough is good enough”!  Hope you enjoyed this guest post.  Until next time…