I’ve always wanted to learn how to use a table saw.  They look easy enough, but the thought of cutting off a finger or a hand always got in the way.  But today I had something I REALLY wanted to do so I just went ahead and did it!

This past weekend we were at Cozy Cottage at the mall and I saw some beautiful wood blocks with Christmas words.  A bit like these:

Of course I said to myself…”I can make something like that.”  So this morning I found a piece of scrap wood in the garage, designed the letters, printed them out and then I got stuck.  I had the wood, but it needed to be cut. I knew I could use the hand saw, but that would have taken a week or more at the rate I go.  I even looked up scroll saws on amazon to see how expensive they were ($100+…too much to spend on this project, lol!)

Then as I was out in the garage getting all the tools I would need to hand saw the blocks, I noticed the table saw, just sitting on the work bench, ready to be plugged in and used.  And I said, yes, out loud, “I’m just going to do it.”

The first cut worked out so great that it totally calmed my nerves. Within minutes I had all 5 blocks cut and sanded and ready to be painted.  The longest part was waiting for the paint to dry!


I love how they turned out.  Even thinking that this might make a good Christmas gift for someone next year.  Or  open an Etsy shop and sell them…

Until next time…