I’m just about done getting ready for Christmas.  I’ve had a goal for myself to be done with all my Christmas prep by today, Friday the 16th, since this is the last day of school for the kids.  And I have to say, I am so very close!!

Erica took her little treat bags for her teachers today. I think the little bag toppers turned out pretty cute.  I used the “Recipe for Tradition” Daily Download from Divine Digital to make them.

I am also using the same bag toppers (only changing the “from” section) to give a little treat to my Sunday School teacher team and a couple neighbors.  I made peppermint bark to put in them, but I just did it this morning, so it’s not ready yet…but it’s close.

I would have had all of this done yesterday, but something else exciting happened.  Our car finally arrived!  We ordered it back in October and it FINALLY came in this week. So we spent a good chunk of our day at the dealership signing papers and then another good chunk enjoying the new car!

This is close to Steve’s dream car…why didn’t we get the dream car…we have kids who for some reason think they should be comfortable in the back seat, lol!  The Challenger, Camaro and Mustang really don’t have big enough back seats, so we had to go with the 4-door Charger.  He took it for a little joy-ride last night after music practice and the smile on his face when he got home was worth every dime we spent on it!!!

Hope your holiday plans are coming together!  Until next time…