I don’t know where this week went…I’ve gotten lots done, so I suppose it was in the busyness of the season.  But I’m feeling pretty good about where I am with my Christmas preparations.

Decorating the house is done.  The kids finished putting ornaments on the tree and setting up a couple of buildings to sit next to the skating rink.  The teacher gifts, Christmas cards, shopping, and baking are almost done.  My goal is to have everything but the baking done by next Friday when the kids are done with school. We can bake together the week they are off before Christmas.

We did get the pretzels and Ritz Bitz covered last night.  They are a favorite in our house…in fact I’m thinking I’m going to have to put a “NO EATING” sign on the bucket until all the teacher gifts are assembled.  Here is what the gifts look like.

We made the little boxes with some Brownie Scraps products which you can read about here.  We put covered pretzels, Ritz Bitz, and some chocolates in the box. We made the ornaments after seeing the project on the Under the Table Dreaming blog.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

I also managed to get my Christmas cards and letter written this week. I have most of them stuffed and addressed, but of course I never have a very up-to-date address book, so I’m running around trying to find some addresses.   Here’s the final design I went with for our cards…

Until next time…

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