Have you seen them?  They’re everywhere!  I’m talking about lanterns, and I wanted some.  However, I wasn’t going to spend $30-$100 per lantern…it’s just a lantern after all!  But if I would happen to come across some at the thrift store, that would be another story, right!!!

So as I’m walking the aisles at my favorite ARC thrift store, I see it.  A hideous, brass lantern with a fake poinsettia candle ring around the base. I pick it up, examining it for its potential to be made into something lovely.  I figured out how to take the glass panels out so I could spray paint it, so it was a done deal, into my cart it went!  I wandered the store some more then reviewed the items in my cart, I decided one item needed to go back.  As I was putting this item back on the shelf I noticed TWO MORE identical {hideous} lanterns with their matching poinsettia candle rings!  SCORE!!!  What’s better than one lantern in your display? THREE lanterns!

So here they are in their before state:

And here’s a funny story, as I’m standing in line with these three {hideous} but about to be beautiful lanterns, two younger gals (younger, like 30-something) commented on my nice lanterns. Then the one said, looking me right in the eye, “they really are nice lanterns”.  I couldn’t decide if they were mocking me, like “seriously lady, those are hideous” or seriously sad they missed out on these beauties. Anyway, I just smiled politely and said thank you, knowing that they would be “really nice lanterns” after I was done with them!

And here they are in my beautiful Christmas display on my piano.

Not bad for $6 and some spray paint!

I did a coordinating banister…what do you think?

I’m so excited to be done with my main displays, now to work on a couple of little groupings and then I’m done decorating for this year.  I don’t know if the village will make it up this year or not (probably not since it’s already so late in the season).  Here’s what it looked like last year.

The kids really want the skating rink up, so I’m thinking I’ll do that and one or two other buildings on a small table and that’s it.

What are your decorating plans for Christmas…have you started? are you done??

Until next time…