Can you believe it? I have three new projects to show off today. Okay, well, not all of them are new.  One is the trifle bowl I’ve been working on for weeks.  But I think I’m finally done with it.  I wasn’t able to find acorns at the park, but I found tons of berries! So Aaron and I picked a bunch and put them in the bottom of the bowl, then added the twigs and some dried leaves from last year.

I was thinking it was just a little too much for my table, so I took out the leaves.

So this is what is on my table right now.  I think I would still love to add a layer of acorns, but it doesn’t look like the trees across the street have any, so I’ll have to see if I can find some at a store. Which do you like better?

The next project I made as a gift for a great friend who loves all things Disney.

The box template is by WendyBird Designs.  I love her stuff because she gives you so many ways to work with it.  When you buy the templates you can just print them out onto cardstock or patterned paper and embellish them with whatever you have in your craft stash, or like I did here, add some digital patterned paper before printing and then embellish with ribbon. She also hosts the hybrid challenge at Brownie Scraps and gives away a free template every month!! Check out this month’s cute handled box.

My last project is a photo/recipe holder. At the beginning of the year I promised to make five crafty gifts for five friends on Facebook. I got one done in February and I have the rest to do in the last 3 months of the year. How typical of me!  I like how it turned out, and I only cut myself once with the saw while making it!

I’d seen these types of picture holders all over the blogosphere, but most of them used some type of clip or clothespin…which I didn’t have…and kept forgetting to buy…so I added the yarn to be the holder…just so I could get it done.  And I have to say, I like how it looks.  And it adds some versatility to it, you can have have more than one photo or recipe hanging out there.  Or one of each!

Until next time…


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