So, last week I wrote about the trifle bowl I bought at the thrift store. With a promise to have something done with it by this week.  Yeah! I did do something…not much, but something, lol!

I decided to try something simplistic since the runner and placemats on table are quite enough for my eyes.

I soaked several reddish twigs in a tub of water overnight, although I think they were just as pliable after several minutes of soaking as they were after an overnight bath. Then I started bending them into the bowl. The ones on the bottom that have something keeping them in place did fine, but you can see the ones near the top sorta slid up a bit. Oh well.

This was plan A, which I think turned out fine. But my Plan B was to make it look like a trifle. I am thinking that I’m going to layer in some beans, acorns and leaves to see if I can get it to look pretty. We’ll see how that goes…next week. This weekend I’m still busy doing layouts for the big Brownie Scraps Bake Sale which starts on Saturday.  If you want to see what I’ve created so far, check out my scrapbook blog.

Until next time…