I knew it was too good to last.  The first 3 weeks of school I had no meetings, no appointments, no where I had to be and I got so much done. But now the real world is knocking at my door. I’m back to co-leading the Thursday morning Bible Study at church, and scheduling meetings to start working on VBS and women’s retreat for next year.  All of which I LOVE doing, am good at, have time for, feel called to do. But they cut into my scrap and craft time, lol!

So this week, all I have for you is a picture of the trifle bowl I bought at the Thrift store. And yes, that is the only crafting item I bought, although I finally found a pair of Levi’s that fit, a Talbots blazer, a real pretty scarf and a couple sweaters to buy.

At one time it must have said Give Thanks, but some of the vinyl had been peeled off. So I will pull the rest of the vinyl off, wash it up and then do something with it. I’m thinking of a centerpiece on my dining room table, but not really sure what. I will, however, challenge myself to have something done with it by next Friday. So I hope you’ll come back and see what I’ve come up with!

Until next time…