I love fall! I love the cooler mornings, wearing warm jammies. I love crunching leaves as I walk down the street. I love pulling out the sweaters and long-sleeve t-shirts (yes, these will be the same sweaters and t-shirts that I will be complaining about in a few months after I am tired of wearing them, lol).

But most of all, I love decorating my house for the fall.  I pull out garlands of deep red, yellow and orange leaves and scatter them throughout my house. Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes sit here and there. And this year I’m adding the sweater vases I made to my line-up of favorite decorations. 


I found the tutorial to make these on Under The Table And Dreaming. I grabbed the sweaters at ARC thrift store for $1 each. I was also able to make a pillow with the brown sweater.  And I have some of each sweater left to add more comfy decor this fall.

I really love how it turned out with the leaves entwined around the vases and it is so very pretty when I light the candle in the big round vase.

Until next time…