Several months ago while eating sugary cereal for breakfast (probably Frosted Flakes:) ) and perusing my Facebook page, a friend posted this article “Is Sugar Toxic?” It was quite eye-opening about the potential dangers of my sweet-tooth.  About the same time, one of my favorite author/bloggers Lysa TerKeurst was promoting her new book Made to Crave. In it she talks about how she got over her cravings for sweets.

I’ll go ahead and point out here that this was several months ago…and I’m just now deciding that I should in fact look at my high sugar consumption!  Not sure I can go cold-turkey, so I decided to make one day per week a sugar-free day. Eeeek!  I didn’t think I could do it, but my first day went well. I was busy and it was easy to remember why I was doing this.

But I know me. I know that next week I will not want to do a sugar-free day. I know that I will have to rely on some of the scripture verses that Lysa has listed on her blog. I also know that just printing out a list of verses to put on the refrigerator will be overlooked. I know that I can rationalize ANYTHING to let myself out of a commitment I made to my future healthier self.

I decided that I needed those Scripture verses right on my “go-to sweets”.  I need to have those verses in a spot that I will need to move them to get to the sweets.

So I created these scripture cards and decorated them using my sister’s scrap kit “Sweet N Sassy” (which you can find free on her blog –not sure what to do with a free scrap kit, come back next week for my big announcement!).

And I decided to give them to my blog readers in case you want a little help in the “overcoming temptation” area. Download the printable PDF file here or here. After you print them out, cut the page in half both ways, then fold each quarter page and you will have 4 table-tent style cards to place throughout your house, or in my case, throughout my fridge, freezer and pantry!

Let me know if you use them and if they help you overcome an area of temptation in your life!

And don’t forget to comment on yesterday’s blog post to win a free custom layout.  These don’t have to go in a scrapbook, layouts look great in a frame on a table top or wall!

Until next time…