We’ve talked about putting a pergola over our back patio since the day we moved into the house.  Something like this with lots of plants and a bit of shade:

However, since 7 years have swiftly gone by and no pergola has appeared over my back patio, I decided I needed to take matters into my own hands and make some shade.

We had an umbrella that worked when we had a patio table. But now we have a fire pit and deep chairs and no way to keep the umbrella upright.  So I made a flower pot/umbrella stand!

I found a humongous flower pot at Walmart for $25, it’s plastic (and doesn’t match my outdoor decor at all, lol) but it was the right size for the job.  Fortunately we had a piece of PVC pipe that was a perfect fit for the umbrella!  I drilled some drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and then covered the bottom with river rock to keep the cement from filling up the holes.  I mixed bucket after bucket of cement and ended up using the entire 60 lb. bag of cement to fill the container about 1/3 of the way up.  I put some holes in the cement for drainage and let it dry overnight.

I put dirt and potting soil on top, planted my measly little marigolds…I won’t complain about the very poor selection of annuals at Lowes…but let’s just say the marigolds were about all they had!  I still would like to add some more plants to the mix, but I keep forgetting to buy some.

I put a rolly-thingy under the pot, but it is looking like it’s trying to hold up an elephant and not doing a good job of it 🙂  I will probably buy a sturdier one…maybe at the same time I buy more plants, lol!

Of course, now that I have it done, it’s been too hot to sit outside, so I haven’t used it a whole lot, but this fall…

Until next time…