Seems like I haven’t had much time to be crafty lately, might have been the 3 days of jury duty and a week with Steve home, lol!  So today when Aaron went swimming with a friend Erica and I jumped at the chance to be crafty!!!

I’d been wanting to make holders for our overwhelming piles of magazines, but the cereal boxes we had just weren’t big enough…until I bought the super-jumbo box of Frosted Flakes!  Yes, I bought a super-jumbo box of Frosted Flakes just so I could make magazine holders. They were the right size and the cardboard was a little thicker and sturdier than a regular box of cereal.

And, yes, we did eat all of the Frosted Flakes, so “no animals were harmed and no food was wasted in the making of this craft.” 🙂

We decided to cover one in denim and the other in linen.

Of course the piece of denim I had didn’t quite fit all the way around the box. Clever Erica came up with the idea of putting a strip of light denim from an old pair of jeans over the space!  I love it!!!  Gives it some character, don’t you think!

To make the linen holder we used a napkin from a set I bought to make pillows.  Haven’t made the pillows yet, but sure glad I had the fabric.  We were able to cover the box with just one napkin…with some careful planning.  You can see where one half of the fabric was glued onto the back (centered) and around towards the front. Then the other half of the napkin became the front.  The great thing about using the napkin was that it had nice finished edge for the bottom of the box.

We loaded them up right away and I have to say it feels so good to have the slip-sliding stack of magazines into a home of their own!

Until next time…