It’s finally been warm enough here in Denver to leave the windows open at night!  Yay for summer!  One problem with leaving the windows open is that every now and then the wind will catch the door just right and slam it shut, sometimes at 2 AM! So my sweet hubby solves the problem by throwing something on the floor to keep the door open. Usually it is a t-shirt or a towel and while functional, not especially attractive. (I do have to note that this has gone on for years and really until this year I’ve not cared, no one comes upstairs and after a while the t-shirt just becomes part of the decor 🙂 )

This year, however, I decided to care and to come up with something a little more stylish to use as a door stop. Dear hubby, trying to be helpful, said, “all you need is a beanbag” and I thought, “yes, but then is that any more stylish than a t-shirt???”

I surfed and saw lots of inspiration and then went to the basement to see what I could come up with.  I found this cute vase which I purchased at Goodwill because I loved the shape.

However, in attempting to take the price sticker goo off of the vase I scratched it up…turns out the vase is not glass but plastic!  Anyway, couldn’t really use it for a vase anymore, but I loved the shape so much I decided to put it in my stash in the basement.

Good thing I did, because it turned out to be the perfect item for my door stop project!  I glued jute around the vase (just like the planter) and then stuffed a less-than-full bag of rice into the vase (I guess hubby’s idea of the bean bag wasn’t too far off the mark).

I think it turned out pretty cute, at least it’s better than a t-shirt hanging out in front of my bedroom door!

Until next time…