This jute planter is something I worked on a few weeks ago and just haven’t had the time to post it here.  It was such an easy project…but of course I didn’t take any before pictures, so no real tutorial 🙂

We’ve had this plant since the mid ’90s and so it was in a plain ‘ol plastic burgundy pot something like this:

I was so ready to get a new pot for my favorite plant, but I also knew that transplanting is the kiss of death for my plants.  So what’s a girl to do?  Cover up the planter to make it look new of course!

I took a giant ball of jute and my trusty hot glue gun and got to work.  I started gluing at the top and just wound my way down, gluing every few inches.  And I only got one or two drips of glue on my kitchen floor…a wiser crafter would have put newspaper down or something!

You’ll notice I did leave some space where the planter separates from the base, but I don’t think you’d have to.

I have some other planters that could use some updating, I’m thinking burlap, maybe a cozy sweater, or even decoupage.  Hopefully I’ll have some time this summer to get to them, even though for some reason the kids are thinking that summer break is all about them!

Until next time…