I love our elementary school.  Erica started kindergarten there right after we moved into our new house.  The school is just down the street so the kids were able to walk every day.  The teachers and staff are phenomenal. So it was sad to make the decision to send Aaron to the new STEM Magnet school offered through our district. But of course we needed to make the best decision for Aaron no matter how hard it would be to say good-bye to our school and the friends we have there.

At the same time we were looking at STEM our beloved principal was accepting a transfer to another school to become their beloved principal.  I think she is a marvelous principal and did a fabulous job at our school.  I wanted her to know that so I made this card for her.

This was my first Cricut project that didn’t involve letters and words, lol!  It was tons of fun to make and I think it turned out pretty cute.

Until next time…