My sweet Erica loves her middle school teachers and wanted to give them something for Teacher Day.  I was not going to make all 6 of them wordart like I did for Aaron’s teacher, so she decided to make star cookies on a stick.

(Please ignore the extra crumbs on the yellow cookie!  I forgot to take pictures of the “good ones” that we actually sent to school…these are the leftovers!)

It took us a couple of nights to do this, first to make the cookies and then another night to decorate them and wrap and tag them.  We used a Wilton cookie sheet with the star shape and cutout for the stick.

We also used their recipe for the cookies.  I was a little nervous about how they would turn out, the dough was so-o-o-o crumbly.  And the cookies felt so heavy I figured they would be like rocks.  So, of course, I had to try one 🙂  They were awesome!  Very soft on the inside, just enough crunchy on the outside. It might have also helped that we used pure vanilla that a friend gave us from their cruise to the Bahamas, that stuff smells divine!!!

Until next time…