For seven years, in other words, as long as we have lived in this house, the wall in the dining room has been empty.  Painted…but empty!  Finally with the redo of the living room the empty wall in the dining room is getting some attention as well.

I found a paper pack by Colorbok at Walmart and knew instantly that it was perfect for my wall.

I took some white foam core board and cut 8 pieces each 11 1/2 x 11 1/2 (this allows for the wrapped look on the pictures).  I used a metal square to make sure my lines were straight.  A craft knife works well to cut the sheets of foam board.

Next, lay your foam board in the center of your sheet of 12×12 paper laid face-down on your work space. Run a bone folder or scoring tool along the foam board to lightly score the paper to make it easier to fold the thin edges up.

Cut a corner out of the sheet of paper where the lines intersect.  If you don’t do this, you will have extra paper to deal with when gluing the edges.

Now, lay down a thick layer of Mod-Podge on your paper, up to the edges, and again center your foam board in between your folded edges and press it down.  Flip it over and smooth out the paper starting in the center and working the bubble out to the edges.

Finally, with a thinner paintbrush, put on a coat of Mod-Podge on the edge. Hold down the edge with firm pressure for several seconds to set the glue. Repeat on each edge.

You’re finished edges will look like this:

I can’t even tell you how exciting it was to walk through my living room/dining room and see some art on the wall!

Until next time…

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