A couple weeks ago I went on a crafting spree.  I had been to the thrift store and Hobby Lobby and I was set to get going!  First I made the finial project.  I got the idea from a tutorial at The Country Chic Cottage.  It was a Ballad Design knock-off…my new favorite catalog!  I was able to make mine with just a large candlestick from the thrift store and a couple of wood findings at Hobby Lobby.  I used brown and gold spray paint to work with my decor.

The little stick project was inspired by a segment Kristine McKay did on Studio 5 using branches to decorate.  I just hot-glued some twigs onto a tp tube. So glad we have the giant twig pile (“so we can have fires in the firepit”) in the backyard for me to use in my crafting.  I think I may do something different with the ribbon, but for now it’s just kinda cute.

The tin was bright gold when I bought it at the thrift store and I just lightly spray-painted it with the above-mentioned brown spray-paint…nothing special there!

The vase was fun to do.  I used acrylic paint on the inside of the vase and mushed it around at the edges of the different layers to make it blend.  I started at the top because I wasn’t sure that I wanted the whole thing painted.  So as I worked my way down to the bottom I smudged a lot of the upper work, not to mention that I got paint all over my hands and arms…so, lesson learned: Start At the Bottom and Work Your Way UP!!!!!    I finished it off with some colored wire and beads around the neck of the vase.  Easey-peasey!!!

That’s it for now! I have some projects in the works that I’ll be blogging about including a cute dress that my sweet angel-girl and I fixed up for Easter.  And my living room is almost ready to be unveiled! Can’t wait to show it off!

Until next time…