We were having a problem with getting after-school chores done and it bugged me.  I had tried check-lists on paper, on flipcharts, on mirrors, on folders, you get the idea.  Check-lists just didn’t work for my kids.  Part of the problem with the lists was that not everything had to be done each day.  For example, Aaron only had to do fluency practice on Wednesdays, and they only needed to unload the dishwasher on their assigned days. So it was all too easy for them to just skip most of the chores and move on to playing!

So one day as I was surfing the blogworld I saw a blog where they had craft sticks with chores that were picked out of a basket then I saw one where chores were on magnets and these sites got my wheels turning.  I decided to try chore tags!

I printed out a bunch of positive words that described each kiddo, pasted it onto a wood block, covered a wooden letter with some scrapbook paper and pasted that on top.  I put little hooks in the bottom of the block and this is where I hang their tags with their chores on it for the day.  The ones on the left are to be done that day, the ones on the right don’t need to be done that particular day.

We’ve been doing this for several weeks now and so far it is working well.  Erica sometimes runs out of time with her busy schedule 🙂 but I was so proud of her yesterday when she decided she would do some of her Friday chores on Thursday since she would only have a few minutes afterschool before she left for the Puppet Festival on Friday.  Score one for Mom!

Until next time…